My wings.

My wings.

Originally posted on An Awesome Sauce Life:
I love wings. Faerie wings, Ladybug wings, angel wings, bat wings and delicately feathered bird wings to name just a few. I have a whole wall in my home devoted to an art collection of different wings. I also have a tickle trunk full of costume wings the…

Adventure Girl!

I use to be a super shy. A catastrophic scardy cat, petrified of my own shadow, powerless without a voice and paralyzed in motion. I was so shy that I would turn 50 shades of pink when the teacher … Source: Adventure Girl!

Not So Quiet

I could see the joy on your face when you had her with you.  I wanted to make you happy too but you would turn me away with a pat on the head.  At 7 I felt unwanted and alone. and stayed quiet. I used to babysit for you.  One night your wife had to … Continue reading

A New Life?

January 28th, 2014. That was the date of my last blog. I just re-read what I wrote and the thoughts and feelings of that time came flooding back.  I felt a little bad for her and her mental place.  The struggle that was going on. That girl has changed.  Yes, again.  She has grown.  She … Continue reading