Daily Fitbit stats

My fitbit #Fitstats for 8/30/2013: 13,400 steps and 5.5 miles traveled. http://www.fitbit.com/user/23FYCN


What do you mean it’s the end of August??

That’s how I felt this morning.

My sister’s birthday was yesterday.  Her birthday always meant that the summer holidays were coming to a close and the crisp cool days of autumn were approaching.  I don’t know about you but right now I would absolutely LOVE some crisp and cool!  I have been sweating buckets here this week!  Lovely, I know 🙂

In my last post I had mentioned that DD and I were doing an ab/squat challenge.  Today was day 13.  35 sit ups 40 bicycle crunches and 60 squats.  I am really liking being able to inject my day with these small bouts of exercise.  I wonder when a customer will come in and find me behind the counter grunting out the last few sit-ups!  I have enjoyed it so much I have added a 25 squats a day for 7 days and 10 push up a day for 7 days challenge.  As I finish these I will add in other challenges.

This week I have also been able to log in an extra couple of miles of walking.  The knee is really starting to feel better.  I am thinking that the summer will be my time to take it easier on my legs and work more upper body.

Over the last few weeks I have been taking gelatine each day.  It is supposed to help with the joints.  We will see.  Well, today I have also added Aloe Vera Gel to the  mix.  I get the Lilly Of The Desert one. http://lillyofthedesert.com   An odd taste when you take it straight but you can mix it with juices too.  By this time next year I will be able to see if these have made any difference  or if it is just woo.

This last week I had switched from frozen yogurt to actual ice cream again.  I love the ice cream but it, evidently, still does not like me.  Back to frozen yogurt.  I am thinking that this weekend I will make my own.  I am tired of the flavours offered.  I am not a very fruity person unless it is fresh, not mixed in.  I am very much a chocolate, peanut butter, nutty, caramelly  person.  (Yes….caramelly is now a word ;D  )  The days of frozen treats will be coming to an end as the summer winds down so I may as well enjoy!

Other than that, no real food changes.  Veggies creeping back in, ice cream loosening it’s hold.  Trying to move more and eat well 🙂

Today DS visited.  We had a bit of a chat about the changes of fees that our lovely government set out.  I showed him some lyrics that I wrote (he likes them !)  and we talked about a video I want to have done, with his help of course!  He is up for helping with the backing tracks – yay – says we should get to recording this autumn/winter 😀  I am excited to do it!!

To be able to do music with my wonderful son is beyond words ❤

I would encourage anyone to keep striving to do what their heart is telling them to do.  It is never too late.  You are never too old.

Go.  Do.  Be.

What’s up!?

The last week was uber busy with both works.  That is good!  Unfortunately it left me with little time for other things I enjoy.  So there was less all the way around.

Less activity, logging and blogging.

Less free time

Less exercise

Less eating

It did give me one thing more.  A couple of pounds gained on the scale.  (yes, I put a new battery in…)  I know these are not pounds to worry about and I am truly not.  I thought it may be interesting to note here that less food brought back a bit more weight.  Not anything statistically significant by any means, just a couple of transitory pounds.  I am focusing on eating back up to TDEE and have brought back more vegetables.  Now that they are fresh and local it is hard for me to keep them out of my mouth! 😀

This weekend brought a trip out to my sisters for a wee visit.  My bro-inlaw commented on how much weight I have lost since he last saw me.  I returned with the fact that I had actually gained about 15lbs since then.  He said, yah, but look at all them muscles!  Now THAT is what a girl likes to hear!  That prompted a gun show 😉 and a discussion of eating more food.  Hubby rang in with ‘ once she started to eat more, she started to lose more weight’.  Go Hubby!

In garden matters, I am going to be eating a lot of spaghetti squash very, very soon!  My first ripening tomatoes are appearing and I need to harvest some beans and carrots 😀  I have been eating my own lettuce over the last week as well.   I love this time of year!

I am planning the garden already for next year.  Yup! It will be expanding.

On the creative side I have been planning what I will make for gifts this year and am looking forward to putting the melody in my head to paper (or computer screen really).  I have a videographer ready to shoot a video for me as well.  Yay!  Now to get the other ducks in a row.

I am not going to bother putting my foods for the week up.  Suffice it to say it was more of the same with the addition of more salads and vegetables and most notably, a lot of beef!  I felt like I needed it, so I had it.

I hope you had a wonderful week and have found things to be excited about, goals to reach.


Love yourself first.